The Kenyan organisation Safisha Africa Welfare Foundation is an NGO situated in a slum in the east of the capital Nairobi. Its central effort is the organisation and financing of the Safisha school.

In 2008, the headmistress Alice Muhonja began to get a food programme off the ground. However, she soon realised that this is a mere drop in the ocean: “Food is for today. You eat and go to the toilet. Education is for tomorrow!”

Therefore, Alice decided to afford children an educational opportunity, so she began to teach them. Since then Safisha Africa Welfare Foundation has become a registered non-governmental organisation and the government-approved Safisha school is run by Alice.

In Kenya, the parents usually have to bear the costs of school books, writing tools, exercise books, school uniforms, even of the school desk at which their children sit. There are families who cannot afford these costs. Accordingly, for many children access to education is anything but guaranteed. Safisha offers school education free of charge. Children who do not go to school but spend their time in the streets are registered by local police staff and are then referred to Alice.

Safisha school teaches children starting from kindergarten age to eighth form. All of the school’s classes are taught by Kenyan teachers. Being an NGO, Alice welcomes volunteers, who assist them with teaching.

In addition to providing them with school education, all children get breakfast and warm lunch in the school.

You can find more information about the school on the official website of Safisha Africa Welfare Foundation:

Here are some impressions of daily life at Safisha:

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