The association Support For Safisha Africa (SFSA) was founded by Carmen Knöpfel and Paul Simon in October 2019.

There had already been various efforts in the previous years to support the important work done by Safisha Africa Welfare Foundation. Carmen was part of the organisation as a teaching volunteer in 2016. No more than 40 children attended Safisha school at that time. There was neither running water, nor electricity on the premises. The headmistress, Alice Muhonja, often had difficulties covering the running costs of the school. Together with other volunteers, small fund-raising campaigns were started to support the financing of Safisha.

In 2017, Carmen and four of her friends organised a large-scale fund-raising campaign – a cycling tour through Africa.

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If you are interested in knowing more about the tour, check out the website of CFSA (Cycle For Safisha Africa).

The donations collected were used to pay the maintenance costs of the school and also to finance Safisha’s building project. Since 2019, Safisha Africa Welfare Foundation is the proud owner of a property in Nairobi. For more information, visit our web page about the building project.

After the cycling tour, we continued to do fund-raising campaigns in Switzerland and Germany. We gave talks about the cycling tour, we arranged partnerships between Safisha school and Swiss schools, we organised information events and cake sales to raise funds for Safisha.

Our campaign activities grew gradually, so did the amount of the collected donations. Therefore, the founding of the association SFSA became inevitable in order to give our activities a more structured framework.

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