Support For Safisha Africa (SFSA) aims at contributing towards global equality of opportunity.

We are living in a divided world with regard to wealth distribution. There is the dominating Global North with its affluent societies and there is the Global South, Sub-Saharan Africa in particular, where we still see mass poverty, exploitation and disgraceful conditions, which is a consequence of our own life style, wealth and of decades of colonialism.

The work of SFSA is based on solidarity. We cooperate closely and trustingly with Safisha Africa Welfare Foundation (SAWF) in Kenya. Our objective is to support SAWF and its activities.

We support SAWF financially so that at least the basic care of the children (food, running water and emergency care) and free school education are provided. One hundred percent of the membership subscription as well as one hundred percent of all further revenues of the Association are donated to Safisha Africa Welfare Foundation. It is our aim to guarantee the sustained financing of the Safisha school in order to provide education for its pupils, who are growing up in precarious circumstances.

Furthermore, the association SFSA aims at building cultural bridges between north and south. We advocate a critical perspective on European consumer society. We also want to raise the awareness for the local differences and injustice within our capitalist-globalised world. Along these lines, the Association organises talks and cooperates with Swiss schools.

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